What Again Does KRA Do?

Some members of the association are still a bit confused about KRA. What is the Kapalua Resort Association and, more importantly, what does it do? How does my homeowner’s association fit into the picture and what are the roles? With so many entities within our lovely resort that use the name Kapalua®, it’s not an easy task keeping all of this straight. So, in an effort to add clarity, we will attempt to give a short overview of the association and its role in the Kapalua Resort.

Perhaps the easiest way to grasp the role of the Kapalua Resort Association is to think of a municipality. In a typical “town”, the local government is tasked with the responsibility of providing municipal services (police, transportation, streetlights, signs, etc) for the benefit of all town residents. Generally speaking, it also makes sure the trains run on time. For those who are owners of property in the Kapalua Resort, the Kapalua Resort Association serves a similar role.

KRA maintains the common elements: the roads, streetlights, signs, common landscape and common structures. KRA also provides a shuttle service within the resort. Similar to the role of local government, KRA also contracts for resort wide security. KRA is managed by a board of directors composed of five members, and the board’s directives are carried out by the Association Director.

On the flip side, it’s important to note what the Kapalua Resort Association is not. KRA is not a division or department of the developer. KRA is an independent and distinct entity from Maui Land & Pineapple Company and its various subsidiaries. KRA is not a part of community development.  KRA also differs from the municipality discussed above in that it  is not the provider of water or any utility such as the Kapalua Water Company.

In a nutshell, KRA is about taking care of the resort common elements for the benefit of all resort property owners. The Association Director is always available to any questions or to clear up any confusion you may have; contact him by phone, fax or email.